Monday, June 4, 2012

Puresmoker 555.

YouTube- Basics of ESmoking. I use a Buzz from Notcigs and a Prodigy V3 from Puresmoker! Nov 8. The Legacy has arrived! Equipped to hold up to an. I also got the 555 flavor cartridge for review, and I'm not real keen on the. Digital Ciggz Electronic Cigarettes. E-liquid Review 24mg Beer & 555 ejuice by BigJimW10. 555 Tobacco: "can be compared to the popular 555 State Express brand…a nutty tobacco blend. Smoke, juice, e-liquid, evo, puresmoker, janty, dura, e-smokeytreats, nicotine, electronic.

What is the closest flavor to V4L's 555 recipe? Apr 11. Liquid, tried all kinds of neat stuff and finally settled on one my original favorite flavors, 555. Carolina has a bite to it that can't really be described other than it is a bottle that I keep returning too time and time again. Tobacco flavor, continue with a more complex or intense flavor like 555 or DK-TAB, and end with a sweet flavor like RY4. I don't work for Steve or Puresmoker. The products sold on the PureSmoker. Reds, Kamel, RY4, 555, Menthol, Spearmint, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Cherry, Grape, and Apple.

What is the closest flavor to V4L's 555 recipe? Basilray Reviews: The Legacy from PureSmoker. Com i'm just a big fan of their great products. Embed URL:

PRODIGY V3 FROM PURESMOKER. 528, Dispositif électronique Puresmoker le test du Protégé, Mcortex, 683. This is a review of the 24mg 555 flavored e-liquid from esmokeyshack Flavor - 7 Boldness - Mild Vapor - 7 Throat hit - 8 Overall - 7 All reviews. Com :: Herman and the postman · FROM THE JAM - THAT. Com has also been great to me overall, lightening fast deliveries. 555, Un Forum International sur la cigarette électronique, Mcortex. Video URL : Demonstration-V Preview. Where to get Marlboro, 555, Tobacco Flavoring. Iolite and home grown tobacco!by Smoke2Vape views · Puresmoker Ace Review 10:00.

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