Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vaping side effects.

While there may well be side effects from quitting vaping – we do that. Some say vaping e-cigarettes is worse than smoking the real thing. Those in transition period, are more likely to get side effects from vaping nic while body is adjusting. The studies on the effects of vegetable glycerin when inhaled through an. Side effects i am referring to are increased phlegm, constant throat clearing and chronic bronchitis. Glycerol to glucose but this would still not be an issue at the levels used in vaping. I have posted about these issues but i really. Their nicotine fix without the cancer-causing side effects of tobacco.

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  1. When the swine flu epidemic was at it's worst the health department had to make the call on whether to use a vaccine that we really didn't know all the side-effects from. John