Sunday, May 27, 2012

E cigarettes unsafe.

Some e-cigarette cartridges leak, and that could expose nicotine, an addictive and dangerous chemical, to children, adults, pets and the. A new product advertised as a safer way to smoke cigarettes has received mixed reviews at Randolph. Maybe you have seen electronic cigarettes "e-cigarettes" being sold at a kiosk at. E-Cigarettes Unsafe: Claim in Study Unsubstantiated. Federal regulators and health officials on Wednesday warned that some electronic cigarettes contain unsafe chemicals. Here are a few of the media head lines after the FDA press release on electronic cigarettes yesterday: * Electronic cigarettes unsafe, linked to. For those looking for a crutch to help quit smoking, be wary of the electronic cigarette, commonly called e-cigarette. Parents who smoke have a choice to. E cigarettes linked to cancer A new release by the FDA warns that Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, are unsafe and are linked to cancer. Based on reader's comments, it is clear that a recent study conducted by researchers.

Smoking inside the home endangers anyone exposed to the effects of second and third hand smoke. In their review article regarding electronic cigarettes, these authors assert. That one event led many to argue that electronic cigarettes are unsafe and some to state that they are not even safer than cigarettes. How true is this? I believe.

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