Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Janty electronic cigarette cartridges.

Janty is a leading electronic cigarette company and innovator worldwide. The Janty eGo JETS TANK System works in a simple yet effective way: Take off the small. Favorites like the Janty eGo-Janty electronic cigarette, and the Joye 510 sets. Weight for single cigarette: 46g. 510 Joye eGo Cartridge Filling: TheVaporPro. Screw a battery on the switch. Home > Electronic Cigarette Kits > EC Stick.

Cartridges need to match with the corresponding Atomizer. Welcome to iVapour, the UK leading Janty retailer! My Account. Janty Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers & Janty Electronic. Janty's atomized cartridge is. Your JANTY® e-cigarette is now ready for use. Includes three parts or sections: the battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge. You simply smoke the electronic cigarette just like your regular Marlboro or other regular brand. Screw a switch of your choice on the atomizer.

Click a cartridge in the atomizer. JOYE 510 Cartridges can be used in the Joyetech 510, Janty Dura, and Titan electronic cigarettes. REVIEW OF THE JANTY EGO ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. The web site says that the Janty Kiss box Classic cartridges can be used with similar "pen-style" electronic cigarette models but is not clear whether this is for.

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