Monday, February 27, 2012

Is electronic cigarette vapor harmful.

Electronic cigarettes solve this problem by delivering only pure nicotine in vapor form. The vapor production is said by some to be a little sub standard but not bad in general. "The vapor that you inhale is not without risk," Strumpf says. The suggestion is that secondhand vapor from an e-cigarette might be. Even high concentrations of PG vapor don't have any measurable harmful. 92 Responses to "Surprise E-Cigarettes Dangerous". The Early Show: Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Safe? E-cigarettes contain cartridges of nicotine that release an inhalable vapor. It is clearly that the e cig produce only fog/vapor from. The electronic cigarette has no harmful or irritating secondhand smoke.

Ever since news of the harmful effects of tobacco smoke hit the. In July, the agency warned that the smokeless cigarettes are harmful. Contain nicotine, but none of the other harmful additives in cigarettes. Ents that are known to be toxic to humans. The harmless water vapor dissipates in moments leaving nothing behind. Electronic cigarettes look like the real thing, but they deliver nicotine in a vapor rather than tobacco smoke.

Electronic cigarettes give users a dose of nicotine without burning.

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