Thursday, January 19, 2012

I quit smoking 40 days ago.

I would just cut back on smoking before quitting but if u don't have something else to keep you occupied it gets hard bc you will feel bored. Iv'e been in a methadone clinic for about 5 years i stopped going to the clinic 2. I'm not going to say it was easy cause it wasn't but I love the way I. Up until 40 days ago, I was totally dependent on smoking cigarettes to relieve myself of stress and tension, not to mention the fact that I was addicted to nicotine. But then just 2 days ago July 20th I smoked a little maybe about 5 hits. He may or may not smoke more per day than the famous Chinese smoking baby.

Well I stopped smoking now 6 days ago and have begun to feel much better in. 12 months ago by BabyAngelzxc. I quit smoking 90 days to the day, before that I was smoking atleast a joint or two at night, and I have smoked pot for years. Why is it that 30 years ago I could miss a day or most of a day, and it would be. Not smoking a pack a day equates to $ saved per year. My husband and I quit smoking two months ago. What is it like to quit smoking for an entire year? Whether you will be tested positive or not will also depend on the type of. Actually I quit 6 days before that but slipped.

Long ago, September , I tried quitting smoking cold turkey. Being a two pack a day smoker for many years, I became aware, a long time ago. I went to the doctor and he told me that I had to quit smoking because I had. Last updated 40 days ago by. That's hardly a novelty- having heard that same.

I was a hardcore smoker for 23 years. Jonathan Hayes , KLVU's Radio Personality, Quit smoking after 40 years , USA. I am currently trying to quit, i started because of stress, i have been smoking for about a year, anyway i find myself not having any for 4 days then. The last time I smoked was Thursday Jan 15th 10 days ago , and I was a. , over 40 million adults are currently smoking – with 75 percent of. Discussion about So I quit smoking weed 2 days ago.

Ago it would have been impossible when I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I gave up smoking Pot 55 days ago. I have smoked for over 45 years and have just quit smoking a little over 40 days ago. Quit smoking, gaining weight. Im 53 and been smoking 20 a day for 40 years and never knowingly suffered.

These adds might help a bit yeah, remembers me what i'm doing it for. I quit smoking after 40 years 2 packs a day. First and foremost, the decision to quit smoking can truly be a life-saving one. Two Year Old Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day by The-Morningstarr. I quit smoking 7 months ago, I smoked for 40 years,average of 1/2 pk a day. I smoked 40 a day for the pass 20 years at first i never read the box on when and. After several failed attempts, I gave up my 20 a day habit 18 months ago - I have not. Weekend i smoked 40 cigarettes I think it was the max I ever smoked. I quit smoking 28 days ago after smoking for 30 years.

I quit after 40 years of smoking at least one pack a day, and it was just as easy as Allen Carr. See my children some day graduate from college was to stop smoking those 30 or 40 cigarettes a day. "I gave up smoking 25 years ago when my year-old was imitating me with. "I smoked two packs a day from age 15 to 35 and quit cold turkey 15 years ago. In my 40s, every year I get a call, an email, or see a posting on. The doctor says he does 40 cases a week of people just like me between 50. They very nearly cut me in half that day.

I've smoked for over 12 years, I went and got a tattoo 4 days ago and haven't. In a study conducted in California, it was shown how the number of cigarettes a pregnant mother smokes each day can affect the behavior of her child. Are over 40 weeks pregnant. After age 40, you probably would quit if you could, but everyone makes it all too. Subscribed! xD btw anyone.

I am on day #2 of not smoking and right now all I can think about is that. I smoked for over years, up to three packs a day. Three years ago, due to prices as well as concern over the amount of harmful. I have been smoking marijuana every day for over a year now. I have to have surgery and the doctor said I had to be free of smoking for 6. Terri-Myers-326 - a day ago. I'm suppose to use about 40 cartridges in 7 days but I'm going to try and stretch it out to 40 days 1 cartridge pe. I have stopped smoking a few years ago and when I look back it was very easy.

According to our research, a year-old nonsmoking man with about. Not sure how long it will take, but I do look forward to the day when this has. Up to 4 packs a day by the time I quit cold turkey.

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