Friday, January 20, 2012

Electronic cigarette battery issues.

First of all the lithium-ion batteries in our e-Cigarettes do not require an initial charge despite what the. A spare detached battery is also shown below each model. Sorry your having that problem. For E-Cigarette/E-MiniCig: check the battery connection. There are certain problems you may encounter with electronic cigarette battery. I charged both of batteries included in the pack within eight hours, as ind.

Battery Issues - If you are having a problem with your e-cig batteries, chat here about possible solutions. Leaving them together will drain the battery quicker so be sure the. Hey I found the user manual for you and it might be able to help you. Created about smoking tobacco cigarettes and second hand smoke health issues . My only issue is that for no apparent reason, one of my batteries stopped working. Also known as the electronic cigarette smoking alternative for adults.

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