Saturday, December 24, 2011

E cigarettes healthier.

Makers of e-cigs tout their product as the first healthy cigarette. But this is not a typical cigarette -- it's an "e-cig. In an advertisement, the maker of one e-cigarette, Smoking Everywhere, claims, " Fact: Smoking Everywhere electronic cigarette is the healthier. The Healthy Skeptic: Electronic cigarettes. The other day an ad for the SmartSmoker electronic cigarette landed in my inbox. Electronic cigarettes look, feel and taste like a conventional cigarette, but there is no fire , no combustion, no tar and no real smoke. On message boards and blogs, e- cigarette users have loudly and clearly proclaimed their.

Its text, which surrounded an image of a glamorous woman. It is a fact that when someone decides to buy electric cigarettes, they are making a.

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